This program will allow individuals to register people for regular HMR events and receive great prizes.

What is this program about? This is an easy way for interested individuals over eighteen to receive great prizes for themselves, organization or a charity by promoting a local HMR Event.

How does it work? HMR will give a promotion code to each individual that signs up. The code will be exclusively for that individual. The individual can use that code to promote the event as much as they want, any way (legally) that they want. Every participant that signs up with that promo code is credited to that individual. After the end of the season, the individual can receive one of the prizes. (Prize list below)

Who can participate? Any individual over eighteen can sign up for this program. There is no obligation on your part. Anyone that would like to use some time to promote the event can receive a benefit from this program. If you are part of an OCR organization, running organization, running group, charity, company, or gym, and want your group to participant, please see our Affiliate Program.

Are there any restrictions? Yes, one was already mentioned. You can't do anything illegal to promote the event. You must be eighteen or over. You are not a member of the HMR Company so you cannot make promises or deals in our name. If you promise someone a special deal, you will be responsible to make good on that deal. Remember, if you are not a Non-Profit organization, any money and prizes that amount to over $600 will be considered income.

Thanks for looking into this new program. We believe it will be a great way for individuals gain great prizes and promote a great OCR event. If you have any question or specific concerns,

Prize List

5 registrations = 1 free registration

10 registrations = 2 free registrations

20 registrations = 2 free registrations and Free shirt

30 registrations = 3 free registrations and Free shirt

40 registrations = $150 Cash 3 free registrations and Free shirt

50 registrations = $300 Cash 5 free registrations and Free shirt

60 registrations = $500 Cash, $100 in HMR gear

100 registrations = $1000 Cash, season pass and Free shirt

200 registrations = $1500 Cash, season pass and Free shirt

500 registrations = $2000 Cash, season pass and Free shirt

1000 registrations = Trip for 2 to Las Vegas, NV

                                              (Airfare, Hotel and $2000 cash)

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This list is only for one season. The season pass would be for the next year's season. You may choose any prize from the list that is at or below the number of registrations with your promo code.Once you have chosen a prize, it cannot be changed, so choose wisely . Registration will be priced at our highest event for the season for tax purposes. If you choose a prize over the 50 registration level, you will receive a 1099 for that year.