Registration Questions

+ What options do I have to register?

We have three Levels of events, SPRINT, ULTRA and EXTREME, each one increasing in distence and number of obstacle. You can register as a team (2+ people), as an individual or as a spectator. We strongly encourage participants to register with or create a team, as teamwork and camaraderie will help you conquer our challenging course. Don’t worry though, as an individual participant you will discover that teamwork and camaraderie stretch beyond teams and amongst individuals.

+ How many people can be on a team?

We do NOT limit the number of individuals on a team so we encourage you to sign up and register as many as you like.

+ How old do I have to be?

15 to participate and of course 21 to drink alcohol. Minors over the age 15 must be accompanied to the registration tent by a parent or legal guardian to co-sign waivers in person.

+ How much does the Hardcore Mudd Run cost?

Prices vary from $25 to $185 depending on the event. However, the earlier you register the bigger discount you can receive. Remember, it’s going to a good cause.

+ Does registration cost less as a team?

Yes, all the members on your team get a discount on registration; however, keep in mind that after set dates prices will go up for team members that wait.

+ Do you offer discounts on registration?

Yes, there are several ways in which you can receive a discounted registration. First, as our way of saying THANK YOU to the men and women who serve this country in the Public Safety Sector (Military, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals), you can register for any full-sized event (excludes Sprint Events) at any time for a flat price. Second, our pricing is discounted if you register early, register as a team and/or register to run on Sunday. Lastly, we do run special promotions from time to time so be sure to Follow Us and Like Us on Facebook so you don’t miss out.

+ Is there a deadline for registration?

Yes and No... online registration closes 4 days prior to each event. However, you can register the day of each event at the event location if the event is not sold out.

+ Who can participate in your events?

HMR is open to everyone that wants to participate who is over the age of 15. Kids fun run events 6 - 14 years of age.

+ Can my registration be refunded?

You can tranfer your registration for a fee of $20, no refunds for participant or spectator tickets.

+ Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Yes, registrations can be transferred. Fees may apply.

+ How much is a spectator ticket?

Spectators pay $10 online before the event and $20 on the day of at the event. This allows your friends and family to cheer you on, as well as, enjoy the post-party festivities.

+ Can I change my event start time?

Yes, You can change your wave start time through Eventbrite.

+ What do I receive with my registration?

With your registration you will receive a bib number and a wristband for the post party. Of course, if you successfully finish the event, you'll receive an HMR T-shirt. Not to mention, the right to call yourself HARDCORE!

+ Does my team need to register at the same time?

No, any member of your team can register at anytime. Please make sure that each member registers for the same day and time and be aware that prices will still go up for any team member that waits to register after set dates.

+ Can one person register an entire team?

Yes, One member of a team can register the team.

+ How many people make up a team?

Any group of 2 or more.

+ How can other team members join my team later?

Others can join later. Just have them register as a team and enter your team name on the registration form.

+ What obstacles are on the course?

The course could have any of 41 different obstacles we have, check the course map on event page.

+ How can I find out what time I'm registered?

You can refer to your registration confirmation email or log back into the eventbrite registration system at and access My Tickets.

+ Is my registration tax deductible?

Only a pre-determined portion of our proceeds are going to the Fallen Firefighter Foundation. Your registration is, therefore, not tax deductible.

+ Can my team be sponsored?

Yes, but each team member of a sponsored team must still register individually. It's the reponsiblity of the team to handle sponsorship reimbursement.


Event Day Questions

+ What should I wear?

That is up to you! You WILL get muddy, wet and sweaty. Older clothes may be best. For some events it will be cold so you may want to dress warm, then again you may have to swim short distances in this event. So take into account all factors when dressing for an event. Now if you’re going for our costume award or our birthday suit award...

+ Is there a rain date for the Hardcore Mudd Run?

HA HA HA! We at HMR pray for rain on event day! NO rain dates!

+ What happens if I miss my event start time?

If you miss your event start time, no problem. You and/or your team may start at the very next start time.

+ Can I run the course twice?

Yes, if you are that HARDCORE, do it. We at HMR want you to get your money’s worth.

+ How long does the course take to complete?

This depends on a lot of things like your level of physical fitness, the event location and event distance. We estimate between 1 and 4 hours.

+ What time should I arrive?

This all depends on parking and if the event is sold out. You should allow yourself 2 hours before your start time.

+ What do I do upon Arrival?

You want to preceed right to event check-in and pick up your packet, drop off or sign your suicide waiver and attach your bib number. After that, you need to proceed to the mud run start area and wait for your start. At this point try not to puke!

+ Are there first-aid stations on the course?

Yes, depending on the length of the course there should be 2 to 4 first-aid stations.

+ Do I need to do every obstacle?

Yes and No. You must attempt all obstacles. If you try and fail you may walk around and continue on. Now, if you do NOT attempt the obstacle at all, you will be stripped of you bib number and you may continue on the course; however you will NOT receive your HMR dog tags at the end of the event. Most importantly, you will NOT be able to call yourself HARDCORE!

+ Is swimming required?

Yes, there may be parts of the mud run where you need to swim. (You could float, but swimming is faster.) You are more the welcome to wear a life vest if desired. We will have a lifeguard at the bigger water obstacles.

+ Is this race timed?

Yes, we do have Elite waves that are timed, but the fun run waves are not.

+ Do I have to be in "good shape" for this event?

No, if you think you’re out of shape for this event, you can take your time and walk the course at your own pace. Then enjoy the after party. This event is more about mental stamina than physical stamina.

+ What do I get for finishing?

If you still have your bib number at the end of the mud run, you will receive HMR dog tags. Most importantly, the right to call yourself HARDCORE!

+ Is there a time limit for finishing?

No, you can take your time to finish the course. The only time limit is the sun. If it goes down, we will escort you with flashlights or ask you to exit the course.

+ Do teams have to finish together?

Yes, this event is about teamwork and camaraderie. We at HMR believe in "No Person Left Behind". Now, if a person on your team gets injured on the course and has to be taken off, the team may continue without their teammate. If a teammate is hurt and wishes to continue on the course the team may NOT leave their teammate behind.

+ Will there be any entertainment?

Yes, we will have a live band at the post party for all Full or Extreme events.

+ Will there be food and/or alcohol?

Yes, food and alcohol will be for sale at Full and Extreme events for spectators, unless limited by venue management. For participants over the age of 21... 1 FREE BEER!

+ What do I do if I get injured?

If you get injured (NOT seriously hurt) on the course, put your hand up in the air and yell for a “MEDIC”. All other participants should stop and do the same so it’s easier for EMS workers to find the injured participant on the course. If you see someone seriously hurt, go immediately to an obstacle staff and they will call for EMS.

+ Are pets allowed?

On the course? Are you kidding me. NO! For spectators, it’s up to the event location host. That information will be posted on our website for each location.

+ Will there be prizes?

Yes, we have awards for BEST Costume, BEST Birthday suit, longest distance traveled, most adversity overcome, brotherhood and sisterhood award and largest team completed.

+ Where can I get cleaned off?

Some events will have showers, if possible.

+ Where can I purchase Hardcore Mudd Run gear?

HMR gear can be purchased at the event or online.

+ When does the post party start and end?

The post party starts at noon and goes till sundown.