Bungee cords… lots and lots of bungee cords going this way and that way and every which way you can think of. Your mission… simply try to get through. That’s all. And you’ll have plenty of room. This rat’s nest is 20 feet wide and 30 feet until you get to the other end.


Rope Ops.

This obstacle is a 20 to 25 foot high cargo net set at a 45 degree incline. You must scale up, over and down the other side. This will require upper body strength, balance and stamina. Any average person can complete this obstacle. The biggest challenge this obstacle presents will be overcoming a fear of heights.



Get low and stay low. Mud below you but just above barbed wire. Don’t worry, it didn’t seem to hurt the farm animals but they certainly learned quickly to stay away from it!!




Run, walk or crawl through the woods, over and under logs. I'll bet you don't find grandma's house at the end!! This can be up to 3 miles long.



Climb up a 10-foot tall ramp or ladder onto a platform. Proceed to the edge where you’ll look over the edge and jump off. NO DIVING, this is bad for moral of other runners.



Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to climb over a few walls strategically positioned on an uphill slope with the wall slanting downhill. You get through this; you may be sought after by a Special Forces agency.



Finally, something sane, cool off, have nice drink… Yea, right think again. While you are thinking, think Dumpster + 3’ of water + Ice, lots and lots of ice! Wow, ok, that will be cold, but, 3’, I am say 6’ tall, no problem. Oh yes, there is a problem. There will be obstacles that you must go under…and of course they are right at the water line.



Nothing to it... just scale up and over 3 to 4 walls. Oh, but these walls start at 8 feet and go up to 12 feet tall. This is when good teamwork will come into play.



You are in for a fun time with this one! You will have to run across a body of water on a chain of inflated inner tubes. Try to stay on your feet or go for a swim.



Yep, hay, round bales of hay to be precise. But, hey, after what you’ve probably been through already, nothing to it. Just climb over them.



The landslide will probably be the obstacle that is the most “fun”. Think of a slip ‘n slide down the side of a mountain, up to 200 feet long, into a pool of mud. No time to play in the mud though… watch out for people coming behind you!



This obstacle is a chain-link fence lying flat on the ground for up to 75 yards. You’ll need to slide your body under it and low crawl all the way through. For a person with a larger stature, this obstacle may be a “drag”.



So, we have to run and shoot paint balls at a target?? Cool!! Well sort of… you run, we shoot and you’re the target. Take it low and slow, crawling below the protective hay bales or high and fast just to get through this baby! Your choice!!


Need Rehab!?

No button hanging around your neck is going to help you here. Nothing but raw willpower and a little help from a friend will help you here. Slippery, slippery mud and a steep hill is what you face here and with a little help, this is a piece of cake, or mud pie!



If you know anything about us, you know that we have roots in firefighting. So of course we’ll some fire trucks around. In case you don’t know, they pump water… lots of water. Let’s just say this obstacle will certainly clean you off… assuming you can stay on your feet.


Granite Mt. Trail

Dedicated to the 19 Granite Mountain Firefighter who lost their lives fighting wild fires. Well, this obstacle will give you a taste what it's like to be one. This will take a sure foot and a little planning.



How about some wind… lots of wind. Possibly up to gale force and for a nice touch, we may add a little water. Ever had a desire to brave the beginning stages of a hurricane??



SCOTTY, I NEED MORE POWER!! What you need here is balance. This obstacle will span water…or mud. Want to guess our preference? You’ll be walking across beams anywhere from 1 to 6 inches wide. No problem!!



Think bungee cord maze coupled with an obstacle course in a jungle gym in pitch-black darkness!


Highrise Pack

Add a 25-50 lb bags of sand to carry with you. NOW MARCH UP THAT HILL!!



This obstacle is 18 to 20 foot diameter pipes and/or ditches in the ground, connected together up to 50’ long. Start off climbing into them at a height of about 5 feet then crawl through with a turn or two descending to ground level and exiting…yep, you guessed it, in a mud pit!!




Water and mud below, fire above! If you get too high, you’ll know it… the smell of singed hair is unmistakable. Stay low, low, low.



OK, this one is easy and is typically at the mid-point of our event. Run, walk or crawl the 1.5 miles of this one… your choice. Oh, depending on our mood that day we may setup the next obstacle, SUGAR COOKIE, at the halfway point of this little jaunt.



Swim under a set of floating tunnels in water. This is pretty self explanatory, not much more to say on that one.